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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 6, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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cameras catch a man walking toward a dumpster. when you find out what's in the bag, you'll understand why. >> a fire breather is putting on a show, but watch what happens. what did he that made the fire go haywire. >> video of a four-hour frank sparks a challenge. >> the buzz word for your shot at a new ipad mini and football players go all wwe in the locker room. now meet two of the dudes behind
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one royal rumble. >> was this after a game? was this after practice? >> we don't do this after a game. if we didn't play hard enough -- >> i have a couple of shocking videos. police are looking for this man who enters the screen at the top. in his right hand he has a plastic bag. he walks up to a big refuse area. throws the trash in there. goes about on his day. >> what's in the bag? >> puppies, kittens? >> a baby. brand-newborn baby whose umbilical cord was attached closed with a peg. >> police are trying to locate this guy and the mother. i couldn't believe it.
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>> that is callous. >> you don't see where this is going. >> i want you to focus on that gentleman in white. the gentleman in black here will enter the screen at the bottom. as you watch here, he drops $10. fortunately there is a good samaritan. he comes up, hands over the money to the guy. this guy has no idea what he has just walked into the middle of. the guy in white is jack part of a biker gang. the other guy is part of another biker gang. mark in black claims jack pulls out a knife. it doesn't matter. this is where mark pulls out a gun and starts shooting at him. hits him in the arm. you see mark casually walk away. this video is from a couple of years ago. we are watching it because he's been convicted. another one of those bullets hit a stranger inside one of those shops. >> i don't think he'll ever pick up another $10.
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>> the show must go on. in this case, it probably shouldn't have. this is a circus performer in russia. he's a fire breather. watch what happens. >> in this moment his face catches fire because he burped and it caused the flammable fluid to go up on his face. his face ignited, as did one of his hands as he was trying to put out the flames. the terrifying part, people watching the show thought it was part of the act. in one came to his aid. he put the flames out himself but continued with the show in agony, then went to the hospital once the show was over. doctors said his burns were made worse because he didn't immediately put ice water, a coolant on his face. he is still in the hospital. >> the show must go on, but go to hospital. >> right.
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>> the pain must have been unbelievable. >> easy to see why someone was sentenced to three weeks in jail because of this road rage incident this happened in singapore nearly a year ago. the man is a british national. he was sentenced three weeks in jail because of what happened here. the car with the dash cam. he is in the car with his wife. the motorcycle. they pass. watch what the motorcycle does. >> the motorcycle runs up against them but keeps going. they pass the motorcycle. the motorcycle overtakes them. watch what happens next. the motorcyclist didn't brake.
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he gets off the motorcycle and so does his girlfriend. watch what he is about to do. >> what [ bleep ] are you doing? >> he busts the window. separate cuts to the face, neck, arms and legs. they had to be given a week's leave from work to heal up. police were notified. they pulled over to the side of the road. in the end, you can see the damage this guy did to their car. >> wow. >> he did that with his fists? >> yes. >> there is something they joke about, but it's detrimental. it means "me first." it's dog eat dog. >> he was sentenced to three weeks in jail but out on $15,000 bond. he offered to pay for the damages and medical expenses incurred, but the couple refused it.
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>> she says she never won anything before but she won an ipad mini in the great rtm ipad mini give away. your chance is coming up later. >> you'll need friday's buzz word, be 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> buzz word coming up in a bit. >> stand by for the rtm ipad mini give away. let's go on a hike. this is not like you and i hike. he is part billy goat. sets off 8:00 in the morning with a light weight pack. most doesn't look like a trail. it looks like an ankle breaker the entire way. then it gets more and more extreme. id pace.
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he puts his clamp on and continues to climb. >> doing this while holding a camera? that cannot be easy. >> gets to the top in just over five hours. >> a mountain bike. this guy does it like no one else. danny. this guy is superhero. takes a boat back to what he calls the ridge. the first film he's ever made on a mountain bike. and the guy is fearless. the scenery mind-blowingly beautiful. picks his lines and goes for it. up on the ridge riding this rocky path. >> his riding style makes it look effortless. i don't know how he manages to smooth out such a rough, rocky, craggy spot. >> this went from wild to so cool to oh, my gosh. >> a couple of times it looks
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like he is going to fall off the mountain. >> and die, to put the cherry on top. >> moving that fence as a little booster. you have to see this entire film. it's awesome. go to and click on today's show to see the entire film. >> it's a busy day in the spy for paragliders. >> i can tell something is going to happen. it's a question trying to figure out where it's going to come from. >> see how it comes from out of nowhere and fast. plus -- >> i'm drunk and i love cats. what do you need to know? >> this is about drunk dudes talking about their cats. hear the kitty love pour out when they pour down some drinks. g a pm pain reliever ththatat d darareses t to ok alall l ththe e waway y unul ththe e amam.. nenew w alaleveve e pm ththe e ononlyly o onene w witp aid. plplusus t thehe 1 12 2 hohouf aleve.
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the medicare enrollment deadline for san francisco is december 7th. so call anthem today at 1-844-331-7996 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting. i would say the universe has a sense of humor. not just a few days we talk about paragliding, kind of sport
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we would like to get into, seems safe. another shows up to prove just how wrong we are. in is henrik in hungary. it appears to be rush hour in the skies for paragliding. i was watching thinking, i can tell something is going to happen. it's a question to figure out where it's going to come from. all right. there is the guy in blue up there in front. all he has to do is get out of the way. there is a guy with the red canopy comes up from underneath him. you have to have your head on a swivel if you are going to be out there. it can come from anywhere. the guys in the blue, comes close to the left. guy in the red, keeping my eye on him. the guy in the white comes straight toward him. two unbelievably lucky paragliders. you see how close they get getting tied up to each other. the guy in white drops about 50 feet.
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he continues on safely. everybody continues on safely. maybe you and i should maybe take up sewing or something. >> don't paraglide with this many people. it's a bouquet of paraglider flowers. they are going to fall into a bunch of trees. >> over the trees, could have been worse. >> fortunately, everybody's okay. >> filthy dogs. >> who ate the cheese, was tha ? were you a bad girl? >> cats rule the internet. they rule the lives of the people that own them. >> i'm drunk and i love cats. what more do you want to know?
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>> except this video is about drunk dudes talking about their cats. >> this is awesome. >> i am half a cat away from being a crazy cat lady. >> i'm sure my first word was "kitty." >> it pisses me off when people say [ bleep ]. no. if you have a cat you are a [ bleep ] person. >> i have said loving things to my cat when i was drunk. i love my cat. >> you wake up and there's like [ bleep ]. six kittens on you, purring. >> he is very dumb, he's the dumbest cat, he also has a quiet, dumb dignity. he's forrest gump of cats. >> they are getting drunker as it's going. >> he lives in new york. i live in california.
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i love my cat so much and i miss him so much. he terrifies most people. >> he got hit by a car twice. he didn't give a [ bleep ]. >> this video is awesome. >> i love cats. >> why do you watch me on the toilet? it's embarrassing. it's so awkward. >> it's very scary. >> what is scary about that? >> after you cook it, you want to eat the whole thing. >> we are believing away another ipad mini. get friday's buzz word for your chance to win.
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want to see a video again and again. head over to it's october, which means it's candy month because of that little date at the end of the month where people go with pillow cases to pick up candy. make your own. chef john from food wishes decided he was going to make the scariest recipe of them all, pumpkin seed brittle. >> what is scary about that? >> after you cook it, you'll want to eat the whole thing which is scary for your diet. start out with corn syrup and sugar.
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>> not the evil high fructose corn syrup. >> he makes it look easy. sugar and butter. what's not to love? he shows what he is going to lay it out on, ingredients. pumpkin seeds. he uses kosher salt. he starts mixing and getting everything frothing up. gets it to a beautiful caramel color. >> be very, very careful. this will increase in volume, foam and bubble up. >> the baking soda makes the candy brittle. once you throw in the pumpkin seeds, you are practically done. stir that around. spread it around. >> if you're worried about the sugar, don't. pumpkin seeds are a super food. when you take sugar with a super food they cancel each other out. >> i don't think that's scientific, but i like his reasoning.
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there was a massive brawl in the men's locker room at west virginia university. huge, violent brawl. and there is video of it. >> full-on wwe-style brawl. these guys definitely grew up watching wrestling. it is all playing out here in the locker room. it is hysterical.
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>> and the style. when they talk about locker room brawl, this is what it should be every single time. >> this looks like a ton of fun. how it all got started and went down, we've got the guy who recorded it, houston, on the left and the star with the show with the boots, dustin. you look like you watched wrestling your entire life. >> yes. i've been a fan since i can remember. my dad had all the matches on tv. we got the rock and stone cold. always wanted to be those guys. whenever i get a chance, i bring out the old days of wanting to be a wrestler. >> this is more after practice. we don't do after a game. if this was after a game and we didn't play hard enough -- it's usually after practice. >> was the coach okay with this much energy after practice? >> he found out about it
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actually before we went into practice today. he thought there was a real fight in the locker room that got recorded, put on youtube. he was pleased to find out it was us screwing around being a bunch of boys. >> when do you get the training for wrestling? >> i don't train. i do what i've got to do. all right, everybody. it's ipad mini give away time. >> to enter you need the buzz word, be 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to and click on the win ipad button. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter or both. you can enter each every day. >> time to reveal friday's buzz word. it is penny. >> get over to, click on the win ipad button and enter friday's buzz word penny. >> good luck, everybody.
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>> there is a new plank world record.
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>> he won't get a ticket for jaywalking. >> i hope not. >> i don't know about you guys, but at the gym, my least favorite thing to do are planks. they suck. the fact this guy chose to do a 4:26 plank blows my mind. >> the previous record was 3 hours 7 minutes. >> his wife's birthday was april 26th. >> he could go longer? he decided to stop at four hours 26 minutes? >> he is a special deputy police commander. he's 43 years old.
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>> wow. >> we should have a "right this minute" plank-off. >> funny you mention that. we did that years ago. >> we did. >> record holder right here, thank you very much. it seems fitting that we challenge that record. we need to do this. >> i think that's good. >> ready. set. plank. >> way to go, gail. high five! >> i love how competitive. >> two minutes.
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>> oh, my god. woo-hoo! >> that's our show, everybody. we'll see you for the next edition of "ri"
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